An Optimized Haiku

Haiku celebrating search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Dear client, search engine
Optimization for you?
Or perhaps - donuts?

The Web, I’m afraid,
Is a pretty sticky maze.
And you’re the trapped fly.

We tell you we’ll help,
But you will not believe us.
You are very wise.

Everything we do,
Everything we claim we do,
You can do yourself.

But if you let us
Approach you humbly, gently,
As a team, we’ll rock.

We’ll rock Google, check!
We’ll rock the blogosphere, check!
We’ll rock Bing! (Who cares?)

We’ll take your ugly,
Antediluvian site,
And sex it all up.

However, you must,
Really must, believe in us,
And let us help you.

Marketing Partners,
How cool does that sound, my friend?
Better than donuts.

Perhaps in the end
You’ll say “I love you”, and then,
Then we optimize.