Qualaroo - Custom Tag Template

The Qualaroo custom tag template is an unofficial tag template for Google Tag Manager’s community template gallery.

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A tag created with template loads the Qualaroo JavaScript SDK.

You can also use it to initialize the Google Analytics integration, and you can use all of the available Qualaroo JavaScript APIs as well.


To enable the Google Analytics integration, check the relevant checkbox and enter the Google Analytics tracking ID. This loads a default tracker with this UA ID, which Qualaroo can then use for its integration.

The other options relate to the APIs you can use via the template.

  • The Identity API lets you identify a user with an ID.

  • You can disable automatic displaying of surveys, show and hide surveys, and select a specific nudge. See this article for more information.

  • You can set additional targeting properties.

  • You can attach event handlers to the site with custom callbacks. See this article for more information.

Release notes

Date Changeset
20 April 2020 Fix event handler configuration.
7 April 2020 Added _kiq queue interactions and unit tests.
16 September 2019 Initial release.