#GTMTips: Introducing the CustomTask Builder

Introducing the customTask Builder tool, with which you can generate the JavaScript necessary to build a Google Analytics customTask script.

One of the coolest features of Google Analytics and, as a consequence, Google Tag Manager is customTask. It’s a method you can use to add and execute code as the hit to Google Analytics is being generated.

I’ve written A LOT about customTask, and much of the feedback I’ve received has been around the question of how to combine all these different tricks into one customTask script. The problem is, you see, that a tag or hit can only have one customTask script attached to it, so the code within must combine all the different tricks I’ve been writing about over the past months.

To help with the pain of programming, I wrote a tool which you can find behind this link. Here’s a short introduction to it.

Tip 87: Introducing the customTask Builder Tool

The tool itself is fairly simple. You just select the customTask features you want to utilize in the script, and it then generates the JavaScript block that you’ll then need to edit to change the default values to something meaningful.

At this point, head on over to the customTask Builder Tool itself, and read the instructions within. Be sure to read my guide on customTask to understand what customTask is and why it may be useful to you.

And keep checking the tool at regular intervals. I’ll be updating it as I come up with new ideas for the wonderful feature that customTask is.