Hi, I’m Simo Ahava. I’m partner and co-founder at 8-bit-sheep.

I have also been a Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics since 2014.

I hail from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I have a background in academics (English language and linguistics), in IT, in digital marketing, and in web development. I’ve been a student of code since 1997, and I built my first website the same year. Marketing, IT disciplines, and web analytics all fell into my sphere of interest shortly after.

My blog has a singular purpose: To tell complicated stories in a simple, understandable, and actionable way.

Most often, I talk about web analytics, but I also have soft spots for digital marketing in general, for SEO, and for web development.

I believe in data, in best practices, in education, and in making an online impact.

But enough about me. What about you? You’ve come to the right place if you’re:

  • looking for advice with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager (just drop me a line in post comments and I’ll get right back to you)

  • interested in learning about the latest trends in digital marketing

  • curious about data and what it can do for you

  • searching for a speaker in your conference or seminar

Contact me

You can contact me through all the means listed in the header / sidebar. I’m definitely most active in Google+, especially in the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager communities. I also try to use Twitter as much as possible.

In my spare time, I play the ukulele like there’s no tomorrow. I also have a beautiful and wonderful wife, who makes everything worth it, and a son for whom I would drop everything else in a heartbeat.