For years, I’ve resisted the urge to start a newsletter. My reasoning was always very simple: I want this site to be about knowledge sharing and nothing else. Building a mailing list can really get in the way. I’m sure you’ve noticed it with your favorite content creators. You can practically pinpoint the moment in time when it became more about followers and less about content.

I’m also personally allergic to websites that relentlessly try to get you to sign up or to buy something, and I’ve been proud that this blog has never been about pushing a product, service, or agenda.


I’m going to bend my principles a little from now on. With my business partner and wife, Mari Ahava, we’ve created a new brand called Simmer, and we’re furiously proud of it.

As a brand, Simmer is an online platform through which we offer courses, webinars, and other content designed for anyone interested in the technical side of marketing.

But as a newsletter, Simmer is so much more. In essence, it’s an extension of my blog. It will contain short-form, exclusive content from yours truly, and I’ll make sure it’s going to be worth your while.

I will not stop writing on this blog, and I will promise you that the blog will stay on topic, will continue to be completely free, and you can enjoy the content with no strings attached whatsoever.

In the newsletter, I share tips, tricks, and actionable and topical content from the world of technical digital marketing. The premise is the same as with this blog: I want to explain complicated topics in an understandable manner.

The newsletter also includes bits and pieces about the Simmer platform such as upcoming courses and related offers, but the newsletter’s main point of focus will be knowledge sharing, in all shapes and sizes.

The newsletter is going to be the fastest way to get notified on all the new developments in the world of online analytics and tag management, on latest additions to this blog, on the latest tools and services I’ve created, and on the courses (and offers!) we’ve built in Simmer.

So, please subscribe and enjoy even more free content from yours truly!

We won’t spam you - I promise.