I’ve written a bunch of tools to help you use and debug Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. I’m neither a professional product developer nor am I a visual designer, and both correlate with how the tools look like and what their user experience is :)

Nevertheless, I only create tools that I want to use myself, and being a sort of power-user especially in the development side of things, I do think that these little utilities provide added value to your tag management needs.

To read more about each individual tool, see the respective menu item under TOOLS, or go directly from the list below.

  • GTM Tools - Tools for managing your Google Tag Manager containers and assets at www.gtmtools.com.

  • Chrome Extensions - I’ve written two extensions: GTM Sonar for debugging Google Tag Manager’s auto-event tracking, and Internalize, which lets you set yourself as internal traffic when browsing a website.

  • Google Analytics Validator - Google Sheets Add-on, which lists all your GA accounts, properties, and views. Then, it lets you build a sheet of all their Custom Dimensions and whether these Custom Dimensions have collected any data in the past 7 days. Add it to Sheets here.

  • Google Analytics Custom Dimension Manager - Google Sheets Add-on, which lets you build a source sheet of Custom Dimensions, and then apply these to any property you want (updating or skipping existing dimensions, and creating new ones if missing). Add it to Sheets here.

  • GTM Tools by Simo Ahava - Google Sheets Add-ons, which let you manage your Google Tag Manager containers, tags, triggers, and variables. Add it to sheets here.

  • customTask Builder - A tool which lets you build your own customTask script by selecting different components to include in the callback.