The Userpilot custom tag template is an unofficial tag template for Google Tag Manager’s community template gallery.

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A tag created with this template loads and utilizes the Userpilot JavaScript API.

The tag can be used to identify users (with an ID and associated properties), reload Userpilot and re-evaluate page state, track custom events, and trigger specific Userpilot content for the user, regardless of targeting conditions.


Once you’ve created the tag, you can choose from Identify, Reload, Track, and Trigger.

  • Identify can be used to track the user (based on a User ID), and you can add other user properties to the call. You can also check the “Anonymous” check box to use a random session ID instead.

  • Reload will re-evaluate Userpilot experiences using the current page state. This is useful if it’s a single-page app, for example, as you can tell Userpilot to re-evaluate targeting conditions after the user loads new content.

  • Track can be used to track a custom event with optional parameters you can add to the call.

  • Trigger can be used to override any targeting conditions and force an experience with the given ID to be shown to the user.

Release notes

Date Changeset
28 June 2020 Switch deployment URL from to
2 October 2019 Updated logo and description.
16 September 2019 Initial release.