That’s right, I changed the name! Huge thanks to Paul Gailey for the inspiration.

Get the latest version of GTM Sonar here.

Just a minor update this time. I added some informative text to the pop-up, along with an error screen if something goes wrong.

Another change is that now when an element is added to debugDL, a counter on the Browser Action icon will start climbing, representing the number of objects in the array. Cool!

So, my to-do list is really short now. The only thing I have in mind right now is boring stuff like refactoring the code, improving error handling and the such. If you have ideas for the extension, let me know!

Here’s the updated version history:

v1.2 - June 1, 2014

  • Added a badge icon which increases in count every time an event is pushed into debugDL

  • Improved the pop-up instructions

  • If the extension doesn’t work, an error message will be displayed in the pop-up

  • Changed the name of the extension to GTM Sonar (thanks Paul Gailey for the idea!)

v1.1 - May 26, 2014

  • Added a popup to control debugger functions

  • Added a switch to kill all jQuery binds

  • Added the choice of Click Listener, Link Click Listener and Form Submit Listener

v1.0 - May 23, 2014

  • First release version

  • Clicking the Browser Action halts all click events and sets up the debugDL object

  • Clicking anywhere on the page stores the event in debugDL

  • Clicking the Browser Action again removes all scripts and event handlers injected by this extension


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