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I created a new Chrome Extension: Internalize for Google Analytics. This is its very first version. It only works on websites with Universal Analytics. Click here to download Internalize for Google Analytics v1.0 The idea is that with the extension you can push a custom dimension value to your currently active session. You can then use a profile filter in GA to block traffic with this custom dimension value. It's useful when blocking internal traffic with more traditional means (IP address or various GTM workarounds) won't work.

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That's right, I changed the name! Huge thanks to Paul Gailey for the inspiration. Get the latest version of GTM Sonar here. Just a minor update this time. I added some informative text to the pop-up, along with an error screen if something goes wrong. Another change is that now when an element is added to debugDL, a counter on the Browser Action icon will start climbing, representing the number of objects in the array.

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