Google Tag Manager Sonar v1.2

That’s right, I changed the name! Huge thanks to Paul Gailey for the inspiration.

Get the latest version of GTM Sonar here.

Just a minor update this time. I added some informative text to the pop-up, along with an error screen if something goes wrong.
GTM Sonar v1.2
Another change is that now when an element is added to debugDL, a counter on the Browser Action icon will start climbing, representing the number of objects in the array. Cool!

So, my to-do list is really short now. The only thing I have in mind right now is boring stuff like refactoring the code, improving error handling and the such. If you have ideas for the extension, let me know!

Here’s the updated version history:

v1.2 – June 1, 2014
– Added a badge icon which increases in count every time an event is pushed into debugDL
– Improved the pop-up instructions
– If the extension doesn’t work, an error message will be displayed in the pop-up
– Changed the name of the extension to GTM Sonar (thanks Paul Gailey for the idea!)

v1.1 – May 26, 2014
– Added a popup to control debugger functions
– Added a switch to kill all jQuery binds
– Added the choice of Click Listener, Link Click Listener and Form Submit Listener

v1.0 – May 23, 2014
– First release version
– Clicking the Browser Action halts all click events and sets up the debugDL object
– Clicking anywhere on the page stores the event in debugDL
– Clicking the Browser Action again removes all scripts and event handlers injected by this extension


  1. Dan Antonson says

    This is SO GREAT SIMO! Thanks so much for your hard work on this, and especially for making it available to the world. I will utilize this tool on near daily-basis, it’s beyond helpful.

    The world of GTM wouldn’t be the same without you! : )

    • says

      Hah, thanks my friend, though the tool itself is powerful enough on its own merit, so I don’t necessarily agree with the last comment :)

  2. mittwoda says

    Hello Simo, thank you for this great tool !

    I notice, however, that with the Sonar switched on (and the Click Listener running) some of my website links / buttons won’t work.

    Example : “add to basket” on my e-commerce website.

    Is there any known conflict with Click Listeners from GTM ?

    • says

      Hey mittwoda,

      That’s a feature of the tool. As soon as you activate it, it tries to halt the default action of all links and clicks on the site. This is because you should be able to click around to see what happens when you click on links, for instance, without being redirected to the link target. Otherwise the tool would be pretty difficult to use if you could never see whether or not the link info is being updated into debugDL.

      • mittwoda says

        Hey Simo, thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. That’s what I get for not reading the Sonar overview :-)

        Have a nice day and keep up the good work !


  3. says

    Hi Simo,

    Great blog. I’m just wondering if you knew why the elements are not being added to the console in chrome. I enable the extension, disable all other extensions in case. Turn on link click listener yet nothing appears in the console when I click links. Same for any site. A google search hasn’t turned up anything so far.

    Thanks for any help

    • says


      I assume you’ve tried typing ‘debugDL’ (without quotes) in the console to see if there’s data in the array? If so, and you don’t see anything after clicking links, it means there’s still some conflicting listener, perhaps enabled by your theme or something else. You’ll have to resolve these conflicts before you can get link clicks to register in GTM as well.

  4. Les says

    Hey Simo: Just playing around with this. Sweet tool! Thanks for taking the time to create this.

    Noticed something totally anal on my end. In your instructions for activation, you say: “Press ⌥+⌘+J (Cmd+Opt+J) to open JavaScript console.” . Should it not be Opt+Cmd+J, so that the order of graphic matches the keyboard command. Or visa versa? Noticed the same thing on WASP.

  5. Yaron says

    Simo, Your blog is very interesting I wanted to register do you have a newsletter ?
    I don’t use an RSS feed, but I would love to get an email in the occasional times you publish a post.

  6. Jim Williams says


    Thanks for creating this tool so much easier than what I was doing before which was repeatedly pressing Esc which often didn’t work.


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