Macro Magic For Google Tag Manager

[Last updated April 2014] This post is an attempt at a whole new level of interaction. These words will transcend the barriers of time and space, bridging together the physical world and its digital counterpart. You see, in an undisclosed number of hours after the publishing of this blog post, I will be talking at the […]

The Container Snippet: GTM Secrets Revealed

First of all, I’m sorry for the wacky title. Sometimes I just want to amuse myself. Nevertheless, this post is about the Google Tag Manager container snippet. There’s nothing secretive about it, but I’m betting many people have no clue what the snippet really does. That’s the revelatory part. If you’ve never wondered what the […]

Block Internal Traffic With Google Tag Manager

You’ve probably come across a number of guides or posts talking about why it’s necessary to block so-called internal traffic from your web analytics reports. The reasons are pretty solid: internal traffic does not emulate normal visitor behavior, it rarely contributes to conversions (skewing up your conversion rate), it inflates page views, and it wreaks […]

Google Tag Manager: Playing By The Rules

I see Google Tag Manager’s operational model as an analogy of Montesquieu’s three-branched government theory (don’t leave just yet, I’m getting somewhere with this). We have the legislative power of tags (what should be done), the judiciary power of macros (explore the context and circumstance of each tag), and the executive power of rules (make […]

Tag Management Does Not Make IT Redundant

Here are a few quotes I found on the web regarding tag management and IT departments: Relief of IT department bottlenecks – once the Tag Manager is deployed, new tags can be implemented directly by Marketing with no IT department involvement. This is a huge benefit for large websites, where IT is oftentimes a bottleneck. […]