Data is difficult

Data is difficult. Growing a business is difficult. Measuring success is difficult. And you know what? They should be difficult. Otherwise we’d all be equally stupid, whereas now those of us ambitious enough to exert themselves are winning the race. And it’s not just working with data that’s difficult. The whole Web is a mess! […]

Spam Filter Insertion Tool

Last weekend, I wrote a very simple web app that automatically creates a number of referral spam filters to tackle the problem that seems to have everybody all riled up. For a nice recap of the situation, take a look at this post by Jeff Sauer, or this article by Mike Sullivan. This isn’t an […]

100th Post: Big Changes

A year ago, I wrote a Year In Review post for one of the craziest 365 days of my life, both personally (got married), and professionally (started at NetBooster, and toured the world talking about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager). Now it’s time for another recap, and the chance to announce a big change […]

Improve Data Collection With Four Custom Dimensions

Since writing my rant about the schema conspiracy of web analytics platforms, I’ve been giving the whole idea of hit-level data collection a lot of thought. Sessionization is very heavily implemented in Google Analytics, which is understandable, but the regular Google Analytics API just doesn’t give you the kind of information you’d need, if you […]