Node Relationships And GTM

Behind this tragically boring title is a simple solution to many problems with Google Tag Manager’s auto-event tracking. The common denominator to these problems is poor website markup. Selectors are used sparingly, and element hierarchy is messy. This disregard for proper node relationships means you have to resort to Data Layer Variable Macros which look […]

Custom Event Listeners For GTM

When the good folks at Mountain View introduced auto-event tracking for Google Tag Manager, a collective sigh was heard around the world (I’m just slightly exaggerating). Finally, the true power of GTM was unleashed. With auto-event tracking, one of the more difficult aspects of web analytics, tracking user interactions beyond the page load, was greatly […]

JavaScript 101 For GTM: Part 2

It’s been an awesome summer, with temperatures soaring in the global warming range throughout our northern country. The heat has given me ample reason to not be near a computer, but now it’s time to mine some JavaScript wisdom again. Here’s the second part of my JavaScript for Google Tag Manager series. The first part […]

JavaScript 101 For GTM: Part 1

Here’s the link to part 2 of this JavaScript guide. The thing about Google Tag Manager, or any JavaScript tag manager for that matter, is that there’s JavaScript involved. In fact, the tool itself is just a JavaScript library with some additional bells and whistles (such as a management UI). This means that to make […]

Fun With Google Tag Manager: Part 2

Apologies for leaving you hanging. It’s now almost three weeks since I published the first part of this post, and I’m sure you’ve been holding your breath ever since. There’s been a lot going on since the last post. First, my favorite sports team in the world, San Antonio Spurs, won their fifth NBA championship […]

GTM Auto-Event Listener Debugger v1.1

[Last updated June 2014] Read the latest post on the extension, GTM Sonar v1.2. I updated my Chrome Extension, GTM Auto-Event Listener Debugger v1.1. I released the first version a couple of days ago. The extension can be used to debug Google Tag Manager‘s auto-event tracking and its compatibility with web page markup. Download the latest […]