JavaScript 101 For GTM: Part 1

The thing about Google Tag Manager, or any JavaScript tag manager for that matter, is that there’s JavaScript involved. In fact, the tool itself is just a JavaScript library with some additional bells and whistles (such as a management UI). This means that to make the best of it, some knowledge of JavaScript is warranted, […]

Fun With Google Tag Manager: Part 2

Apologies for leaving you hanging. It’s now almost three weeks since I published the first part of this post, and I’m sure you’ve been holding your breath ever since. There’s been a lot going on since the last post. First, my favorite sports team in the world, San Antonio Spurs, won their fifth NBA championship […]

GTM Auto-Event Listener Debugger v1.1

[Last updated June 2014] Read the latest post on the extension, GTM Sonar v1.2. I updated my Chrome Extension, GTM Auto-Event Listener Debugger v1.1. I released the first version a couple of days ago. The extension can be used to debug Google Tag Manager‘s auto-event tracking and its compatibility with web page markup. Download the latest […]

Year In Review 2013-2014

…or How My Organic Traffic Went Through The Roof. It’s been one of the craziest 365 days in my life, and I thought it would be apt to write a bit about all the stuff that’s taken place. I haven’t really been talking about myself in my guides and other previous posts, so please indulge […]

Simple Split Test With Google Tag Manager

Over the last couple of posts I’ve mainly been doing proof-of-concept (POC) tests with Google Tag Manager. The great thing about a POC is that you don’t really need to have any viable results or insight-driving technological innovations. The point is to showcase some feature of the platform on which the experiment was conducted. In […]