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Since Google Tag Manager released the manual setup guide for server-side tagging, my mind has been spinning with the idea of walking through the deployment into Amazon’s AWS. I personally prefer Google Cloud Platform over AWS, because I think it’s so much more user-friendly. Even though in this guide we’ll be utilizing one of the simplest AWS services, Elastic Beanstalk, the deployment is still much more complex than if you were to use GCP’s App Engine.

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A recent guide of mine introduced the Google Analytics adapter in Snowplow. The idea was that you can duplicate the Google Analytics requests sent via Google Tag Manager and dispatch them to your Snowplow analytics pipeline, too. The pipeline then takes care of these duplicated requests, using the new adapter to automatically align the hits with their corresponding data tables, ready for data modeling and analysis. While testing the new adapter, I implemented a Snowplow pipeline from scratch for parsing data from my own website.

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