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Thank You

Today marks the date of exactly 10 years of marriage to my wife, my friend, the loving mother to our children, and my business partner at Simmer. And yes, they are all the same person – I’m that lucky! Thank you, Mari, for everything.

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Just Breathe

Content warning: introspection, parenthood, “Floating Butt”. When Benjamin (our first child) was born, my life as an individual was unraveled. With every bellow from the newborn’s lungs, I could feel my personal agency slipping away from me. From that magical moment onwards, I’ve been gripped by the polarizing emotions of parenthood. At any given time, I’m galvanized by fear for the well-being of my children, or existentially deadlocked by the calamities of all the possible (terrible) futures for this planet, or (figuratively) high from the amazing content and purpose my children bring to my life.

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Seven years ago, I wrote on my former employer’s (the amazing Reaktor) blog a tongue-in-the-cheek article titled 10 Truths About Data. Looking back on it today, I’m still proud of the handiwork, but I can’t help but think that some of the truths were wasted just to reach the magic number 10. So, today, I want to revisit these truths and provide a rehashed version for you, my dear reader.

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A year ago, I wrote a Year In Review post for one of the craziest 365 days of my life, both personally (got married), and professionally (started at NetBooster, and toured the world talking about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager). Now it’s time for another recap, and the chance to announce a big change in the Simoverse. No, I will not be joining Google (made you think so!

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…or How My Organic Traffic Went Through The Roof. It’s been one of the craziest 365 days in my life, and I thought it would be apt to write a bit about all the stuff that’s taken place. I haven’t really been talking about myself in my guides and other previous posts, so please indulge me, for once! The beginning A year ago I had just quit my job at my previous employer, Innofactor Plc.

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