The Google Tag Manager Monitor custom tag template is a tag template for Google Tag Manager’s community template gallery.

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Use this template to set up a monitoring system for Google Tag Manager. With the monitor, you can collect data about tags that fired (or did not fire) with any given event. This information can be used to proactively fix issues with your tags.


The tag itself is simple to setup. You add the collector endpoint and then choose whether to send the hits in batches or not. Sending them in batches reduces the number of HTTP requests made to the collector endpoint.

The biggest steps are setting up the collector and configuring all your tags to pass metadata to the monitor system. Please refer to the blog post to learn how to set this up.

Release notes

Date Changeset
15 November 2019 Fix maxTags to parse as a number instead of string.
2 October 2019 Update logo, brand name.
16 September 2019 Initial release.