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Simmer has just released the Technical Marketing Handbook. It’s a free online resource, formatted as a mini-course, designed to walk the reader through the different disciplines and concepts that fall under the banner of “technical marketing”. And yes, we spend the introductory chapter explaining what that term means to us. In total, we wrote 9 chapters, each with 3 topics, for a total of around 77,000 words. For reference, that’s about as many words as in the first Harry Potter novel.

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As my LinkedIn inbox graciously reminded me that I’ve been working on Simmer for a full three years now, I’d like to share a couple of observations about education – particularly in the world of technical digital marketing. Online courses are an interesting vehicle for education. The medium offers a plethora of different approaches to knowledge transfer, student assessment, and collaboration. It seems like a no-brainer in today’s day and age, particularly for someone who wants to build a platform that scales beyond in-person tuition.

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Simmer Is Live

This will likely be the shortest blog article I have ever written, but I have just one short thing to say: SIMMER IS LIVE! Simmer is a new online course platform, where we bring technical marketing courses to your computer (or mobile device) screen with a straightforward, task-based approach. Our first class is aptly Server-side Tagging In Google Tag Manager, and it is open for enrollment right now, all the way until March 14th.

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