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Google Tag Manager recently published support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This support comes in the form of a new Container type in Google Tag Manager. When you create an AMP container in GTM, you are actually setting up an external configuration for AMP, which leverages AMP’s own analytics module. As befits Google Tag Manager, creating the configuration is done in the familiar Google Tag Manager user interface, and you have (almost) all the tools of regular Google Tag Manager at your disposal.

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I’m currently at SMX M√ľnchen, which is still one of my favorite conferences in Europe. The quality of the talks is superb, and the organization is just perfect. So today, after my talk (joint session with the awesome Dave Sottimano), I was listening to the inimitable Mike King give an excellent presentation together with Ari Nahmani on technical skill prerequisites for all digital marketers today. Needless to say, I strongly agree with their view that digital marketing has always been a technical discipline, and the web is getting more and more complex each day that passes.

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I’ve been meaning to write about Google Tag Manager for mobile apps for such a long time. Finally, I have some great use cases to share, as well as some useful examples for implementing GTM for iOS. That’s right, this is an iOS guide, and, to be more specific, geared towards a successful Swift implementation. If you didn’t know, Swift is a relatively new programming language, developed by Apple for iOS and OS X programming.

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