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(Updated 15 July 2015: Added a huge simplification. Jump straight to the update at the end.) URL fragments are strings of characters that follow a hash mark (#) in the URL. Typically, they are used for anchor links, where following a link keeps you on the same page but jumps the browser to some anchored position. They’re also the tool of choice for single-page apps, where content is served dynamically without page reloads.

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There’s a new listener in town! It’s a few days now since the Google Tag Manager team unleashed the History Listener, and the time has come for me to tell you what this baby can do. The History Listener is designed to be used on websites where content is loaded dynamically. Typically, these websites make heavy use of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which is designed for loading content in the background and serving it dynamically without having to reload the page.

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