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This is, by no means, a novel topic in this blog. I’ve covered Google Tag Manager’s event tracking and triggers numerous times before (see below). Auto-Event Tracking In GTM 2.0 #GTMtips: Track Outbound Links In GTM V2 #GTMtips: Fix Problems With GTM Listeners Trigger Guide For Google Tag Manager However, based on the number of queries we still see in the Google Tag Manager Product Forums about event tracking, I believe one particular aspect of GTM’s triggers invites revisiting.

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There is a new, updated version of this article for the new version of Google Tag Manager. I strongly suggest you read that as well! I really enjoy the ad hoc Q&A sessions my blog posts have inspired. I haven’t said this enough, but I am really, REALLY grateful to people who take their time to comment on my posts, even if it’s just say a quick “Hi!”. The main reason I enjoy getting blog comments is because they often turn into blog posts.

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