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Google’s Consent Mode continues to be a hot topic, especially since in 2024 it will be required to implement Consent Mode in case a website or app is collecting data for audience building or remarketing with Google’s advertising services. I’ve discussed consent mode before, and I’ve also built a Google Tag Manager community gallery template for managing Consent Mode on a website. With V2, the biggest updates are two new consent signals, ad_user_data and ad_personalization, as well as a revamped URL schema for passing consent states to Google’s services.

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Note! This is about the original version of Consent Mode. While the content is still very valid and you should read through it to understand how it works, Google has since released a “V2” update with additional consent signals. You can read about Consent Mode V2 here. . Not too long ago, Google announced a new consent mode for Google tags. It allows you to build a mechanism where Google’s tags parse, react, and respond to the consent status of your site visitors.

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