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Until recently, I had a feature on GTM Tools that polled the user’s Google Tag Manager container(s) for a recently published version. If one was found, a notification was sent to a Slack app, which forwarded it to a workspace and channel of the user’s choice. This was fine, except for the fact that polling the GTM and Slack APIs for dozens upon dozens of containers is a total resource hog, and the only way I can maintain GTM Tools is it doesn’t have API leaks like that.

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Google Cloud Platform is very, very cool. It’s a fully capable, enterprise-grade, scalable cloud ecosystem which lets even total novices get started with building their first cloud applications. I wrote a long guide for installing Snowplow on the GCP, and you might want to read that if you want to see how you can build your own analytics tool using some nifty open-source modules. But this guide will not be about Snowplow.

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