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This article is a collaboration between Simo and Dan Wilkerson. Dan’s one of the smartest analytics developers out there, and he’s already contributed a great #GTMTips guest post. It’s great to have him back here sharing his insight on working with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). So, we’re back on AMP! Simo wrote a long, sprawling AMP for Google Tag Manager guide a while ago, and Dan has also contributed to the space with his guide for AMP and Google Analytics.

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Google Tag Manager recently published support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This support comes in the form of a new Container type in Google Tag Manager. When you create an AMP container in GTM, you are actually setting up an external configuration for AMP, which leverages AMP’s own analytics module. As befits Google Tag Manager, creating the configuration is done in the familiar Google Tag Manager user interface, and you have (almost) all the tools of regular Google Tag Manager at your disposal.

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